The Best Vacuum Cleaner for Cleaning Stairs in 2016

Which Is the Best Vacuum for Cleaning Stairs?

Choosing a vacuum is a very personal decision. Everyone takes their own particular approach to cleaning their house, and a feature that’s important to one person might be irrelevant to another person. The type of home you live in can be a deciding factor as well. If you live in a big house with acres of plush carpeting to vacuum, you might prefer a powerful upright that covers a lot of area in a hurry. If you live in a small apartment, you might prefer a smaller canister unit that can do all your vacuuming chores, including things like drapes and upholstery.

The Search for the Best Vacuum for Stairs

One of the most challenging vacuuming jobs is working on staircases. It’s hard to vacuum stairs using traditional upright vacuums or canister vacuums. Very few vacuums are equipped with enough hose to reach all the treads from either the top or the bottom of a staircase. It can be frustrating and downright dangerous to use most vacuums on stairs. It’s easy to get the power cord and the suction hose tangled underfoot. That’s why when consumers go shopping for a vacuum, they often shop for the best vacuum for stairs as the most important feature.

Pet owners are especially aware of the need for the best stair vacuum they can buy. Fur and dander from cats and dogs accumulates on stairs, and often becomes a real eyesore. Pet hair is especially prone to gathering in the corners of each step on a carpeted staircase, and it’s hard to find a vacuum that can handle large carpeted areas efficiently that still qualify as the best vacuum for stairs.

Characteristics of the Best Stair Vacuum

So what qualifies a vacuum to be considered the best vacuum for stairs? The first feature everyone agrees on is light weight. Lightness can be measured more than one way. While many vacuums are light enough to be carried up and down stairs, very few vacuums are light enough to be easily carried in one hand while you clean the stairs using the wand or crevice tool in your other hand. Unless the vacuum can be held in one hand while vacuuming with the other hand, you’ll have to rest the vacuum on the stair treads, which makes it more difficult to work, and more likely that the vacuum will topple over and fall down the stairs. That’s a real problem with most upright vacuums that have hose attachments for use on places like stairs. They are too wide to sit on a stair tread safely, and many people refuse to use them on stairs at all.

Regular Vacuums Can’t Reach All the Stairs

If your vacuum is too big and heavy to fit on the stair treads, you might have to place it at the top of the stairs to vacuum the top half of the staircase, and then place it at the bottom of the stairs to finish the bottom treads. That’s a lot of work, and when the vacuum is placed at the top of the stairs, it’s easy to pull it too far while you’re working and send it tumbling down the staircase while you’re working below it.

The Best Vacuum for Stairs Is a Second Vacuum

Many consumers solve the problem of vacuuming their stairs by purchasing multiple vacuum cleaners. This is an especially good solution if you have a lot of other areas to cover that require a big vacuum. If you purchase the best vacuum for stairs as your second vacuum cleaner, you can clean the stairs safely and efficiently without giving up the power and size you need to clean your other floors.

That’s why handheld vacuums are considered the best vacuum for stairs. Because you never put them down, there’s less of a chance to trip on them or send them tumbling down the stairs. We checked out the best handheld vacuums on the market, and compared them for ease of use, safety, and great cleaning results. We looked at the manufacturers specifications, industry feedback, and reviews from real people just like you to determine the best vacuum for stairs. The overwhelming favorite of consumers for best stair vacuum is the Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B. Here’s why:

The Eureka EasyClean

The Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B has a lot power. Handheld vacuums that rely on batteries have trouble handling a full staircase on one charge, and it’s inconvenient to have to stop to recharge in order to finish your cleaning chores. Corded vacuums can use bigger motors than battery-operated units, and the Eureka produces over 600 watts of power.

The Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B is made for stairs. It’s equipped with a riser visor. This is a clear shield in the front that covers the beater bar when you’re using the vacuum on a flat surface, but hinges up to expose the bar in the front to vacuum carpet on the risers. Of all the places on a stairs that make cleaning day a chore, the risers on the stair must rate number one. The EasyClean makes short work of them.

While we’ve judged the Eureka EasyClean the best vacuum for stairs, you’ll quickly find other uses for it. It weighs only 7 pounds, so you can take it out to clean up messes that are too small for your big vacuum. It’s especially useful as an upholstery vacuum, and you can use its riser visor feature to make cleaning the vertical areas of couches and other upholstered furniture a breeze. The Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum is inexpensive enough for anyone to afford, and it’s small enough to stow almost anywhere.