Tips to get dog hair out of the carpet

how to get dog hair out of carpet

A great method to get dog hair out of carpet

If you are a dog owner and your dog lives in your house you know how hard it is to get your beloved pet’s hair out of the carpet. In this article I am going to share a great method to remove pet hair.

For starters, you have to vacuum your carpets and your whole home as regularly as possible. Doing so you will save yourself the headache as you won’t let time for the hair to stick into your carpet. Which vacuum cleaner is the best for this purpose then? You can check out this article which helps you find the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

Let’s assume that simply vacuuming the carpet doesn’t help anymore as the situation has gotten bad. We’ll call the method “Moisture”. It is straight forward method but it definitely requires some effort.

Put some water in a bowl and then soak the palm of your hand in the bowl. After this wipe the hair off with your hand. Due to the water the hair will become heavier and it will ball up, and the hair won’t stick to your pants which is its response to static electricity.  Then take a regular kitchen sponge. Rub the carpet with the sponge which should result in the hair rolling up into clumps that you can easily pick up with your hand.

That’s it! As I said beforehand, this is a very simple yet effective method but may get really tiring.  This highlights the need to vacuum the carpet on a weekly basis, even if you don’t have pets.